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Every career-related website discusses resumes, interviews, and a variety of other employment topics, but one of the most important items is often overlooked – managing your online reputation. Your online reputation can make or break your job search, so ensuring it represents you accurately is crucial. Below are three tips on how to manage your internet presence and personal brand:

1) Google your name. Virtually everything you say or do online will end up archived, so search your name online and make sure that there are zero results which employers could interpret as reasons not to hire you. If you find negative results for your name while searching, try to contact the webmaster and politely ask them to remove your information.

2) Google your email address. This is another essential step in protecting your online reputation. For example, if an employer searches your email address and sees you selling inappropriate items on Craigslist or a message board, don’t expect a call back. Try to keep your name and email address clean and professional online.

3) Clean up your social profiles. Read your social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and pretend you are an employer – do you like what you see? If not, consider cleaning up your profile or adjusting your privacy settings.

Although you may think “no employer would ever search for me online,” it happens. Following these three tips will help keep your job search on track. Good luck!

By Drew Roark