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Applying for a new job or career you desire may feel overwhelming, especially when you are updating your resume and submitting job applications right from home. Knowing how to properly brand your resume as a differentiation strategy can help you to get ahead of others who are also interested in the position. The more you differentiate yourself professional with your resume, the more likely you are to find yourself noticed, receiving a request for a job interview.

Job Titles & Target Position

Each time you submit a job application online or in person, it is important to update the job title you are interested in to directly reflect the position you want. The more relevant the job title is to the position you are actually applying for, the less likely you are to be looked over as a candidate.

Brand Your Career Experience

When you are submitting your job application, shifting your career experience, accomplishments and skills to reflect the position you want first will help to appear more relevant to interviewers and potential employers. Additionally, it is also important to change your career summary for each job you want to apply for to help yourself seem more relevant and useful for the position and the job responsibilities you want. Adding in skills and advantages of hiring you within your career summary for each job application you submit manually may be time consuming, but it is often worth it and will give you more success with each job you apply for yourself.

Core Strengths & Skills

Use keywords that are relevant to the industry you are applying for when you are including your core strengths, skills and experience. The most relevant keywords that are also bold will help to draw attention to your resume from the hiring manager of the company you are interested in. If you can look at your resume and scan it quickly but still notice the keywords, this is ideal. The quicker the hiring manager can spot the keywords you have implemented into your resume, the more of a chance you will have of receiving a callback or a request for an in-person or over-the-phone interview.


Implement relevant accomplishments first for each job that you apply for to generate buzz and interest in your resume and you professionally. Because many employers and HR representatives simply scan submitted resumes for relevant applicants, keeping the keywords on target and focusing on accomplishments that may benefit each employer individually is highly recommended. Highlighting accomplishments that can help to bring more traffic, clients or potential sales to a company you want to work for will also help you to stand out when applying for positions that are higher-paying or in demand.

Relevant Bullet Points

Once you have reviewed your career summary, job title and overall branding statement that you have placed within your resume, it is important to reorder any bullet points that are not relevant and that may be out of place. Placing the most important skills, experience and even education that you have for each job will help improve your chances of getting the job you want, even if you are applying for a position in a competitive market. Review all of the bullet points you have in your resume ranging from education, past jobs, skills and even career accomplishments to ensure that the most important and relevant ones pop out even when you are simply scanning your resume.

With a branded resume, you are more likely to stand out against other applicants who are vying for the same job you desire. The more sophisticated, yet appealing your resume is, the easier it is to build your reputation regardless of the industry you want to work in. Investing more time in changing your resume around regularly and for each individual job you apply for is the best way to increase the chances of obtaining the position you desire most.

By Jose Sanchez, Expert Resume Writter and Career Advisor since 1999. Writing and sharing contents related to Resume Tools and Samples, Job Interviews, and Cover Letters. Collaborating with various blogs and providing tips, informative how-to guides, on-line tools, resume resources and examples. Owner of ResumeTemplates.org