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Typically, my blog posts consist of advice and recommendations related to resume writing and careers, but today I plan to comment on something a little different. As of this morning, over 800,000 American government employees are no longer being paid due to the “government shutdown” with no confirmed resolution in sight.

According to a CNN article, this shutdown could cost the economy approximately $1,000,000,000 (billion with a B) per week. The total economic impact for an estimated three- to four-week shutdown is estimated to cost the economy roughly $55 billion. Once considered to be very stable and reliable, government employment in today’s economy may be just as finicky as the private sector. Although this is the first shutdown in approximately 18 years, it proves that government employment isn’t 100% guaranteed.

So what does this mean for you? If you are a government worker that is affected by the shutdown, or may be affected soon, consider updating your resume for a worst-case scenario type of situation. Stay positive, but be prepared for anything, including a job search if that is what you need to ensure your family’s financial security. In addition, do not worry about transitioning to the private sector – all of your skills are transferable and can be highlighted for non-government positions.

By Drew Roark