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Since Clarksville is in such close proximity to Ft. Campbell, I decided to write a small blog which will hopefully assist some of our nation’s local military personnel. There are several branches of Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard) with varying responsibilities, but the strategy behind preparing an effective resume is the same for all branches. There are certain items which need to be included to ensure you are considered for whatever job vacancies/announcements you apply for, so it is important to choose a resume writing service that is familiar with these types of resumes.

First, make sure to specify a few things at the beginning of the resume. These items may include your citizenship, SSN, security clearance(s), desired job type, announcement/vacancy numbers, desired location, and so on. The more specific you are here, the less likely the reader is to get confused about which job(s) you are applying for. The less confused the reader is, the greater chance there is that you will be interviewed and hired.

Effective government/military resumes will always contain a¬†significant¬†amount of detail – even above and beyond standard resume information (jobs, education, etc.). For instance, make sure to include your previous salary information, hours worked per week, your supervisor’s name (and contact info), and whether that supervisor can be contacted as a reference. Do this for each job on the resume.

In addition to specific details that need to be included, it is also a smart idea to use a minimalist approach when it comes to the resume’s layout and design. Sure, it may look better to use lots of tables and colors on your resume, but elaborate formatting may interfere with various systems that are used to scan and read your resume. If your resume is incompatible with these systems, you are automatically excluded from a potential interview.

In summary, make sure you know what you are doing when you are writing a government or military resume. A simple format in conjunction with all required details will certainly increase your chances of gaining employment.

By Drew Roark