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Only a few days ago I wrote a blog on the importance of LinkedIn to your job search, but LinkedIn is only one of several important social networks. Recent reports by GlobalWebIndex state that Google+, Google’s own social network, has surpassed Twitter and YouTube as the second largest social network (behind Facebook). According to GWI, Google+ has approximately 343,000,000 users which places it in the #2 spot globally.

Social Networks
Photo Credit: GlobalWebIndex

What does this mean to you, the job seeker? Quite simply, get a Google+ profile, fill it out as quickly as you can, and add your friends and colleagues to your circles. As I’ve stated in previous blogs, online networking is essential when looking for employment in today’s job market, so this means you need to be actively involved in as many high-profile social networks as you can. Yes, creating and maintaining multiple profiles can be very time-consuming, but your job search will be much more effective if you have an online presence.

By Drew Roark