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I’ve written several articles about how to write an effective resume, and what mistakes to avoid, but I have yet to provide my input on how to actually find a job – so here it is. If you think having a perfect resume is all you need to gain employment, think again! Below are a few common job searching portals, and my feedback on each:

1) Online Job Boards. Many people think that finding a new job is as simple as posting their resume on major online job boards. While this may work for some, I can assure you the success percentage is minuscule. Due to the nature of today’s job market (overflowing with candidates), it is an employer’s market. This means that they can be as picky as they want to be, and select only the most qualified candidates at their leisure. Because of this, most employers are not actively scouring Monster, Indeed, or CareerBuilder for candidates. They have the luxury of sitting back and watching their email fill up with candidates. Although listing yourself on these sites is recommended, it is a passive approach to job searching unless you actively seek out job postings.

2) Craigslist. Nearly everyone looks on Craigslist for jobs, and there are usually several listed. Unfortunately, more and more “scammers” are posting false jobs on Craigslist and hoping that you contact them. They send out fake applications asking for your personal information, such as your social security number, and then steal your identity. If you do manage to find a legitimate job posted, there is a good chance that it is low-paying. While searching Craigslist, I recommend conducting a thorough examination of the job posting to determine its legitimacy before applying. If you are seeking a high-paying job (senior management, executive, etc.), you might as well avoid Craigslist due to the extreme lack of higher-end jobs posted there.

3) Applying directly to specific companies. Submitting applications to companies directly is quite effective if your skills are desirable, but it is rather time consuming. Driving to the location of each company, or navigating their website for the careers section, can take up a lot of your time, but it allows you complete control over your job search. In addition, all postings that are listed either on their website or locally are guaranteed to be legitimate.

So, what do I recommend? All of the above! When it comes to landing a new job, your return-on-investment (for your time) will be exponential when you finally gain employment. Using a combination of active and passive job searching techniques will secure more opportunities in comparison to just using one specific strategy. Post your resume online, apply to jobs on job boards, carefully scour Craigslist, and submit your resume directly via company websites (or physical locations) to maximize your chances of landing a new job.

By Drew Roark