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There are several articles online about how to fix or cover up weaknesses on your resume, but very few on how to avoid creating these weaknesses in the first place. As we all know, it is better to do things right the first time, and your resume is no exception. Below are a few tips and strategies that you can use NOW to improve the effectiveness and impact of your resume for future job opportunities:

1) Give your employer 100%, every day. Although this is an obvious tip, it is still very important. Even if you are tired of your job, or have already put in your two-week notice, make sure to give 100% every day. This will help you earn positive performance evaluations and could even lead to a promotion or higher salary. Performing at your highest level also helps you win awards, set company records, and earn recognition within your industry. These achievements help set you apart from other candidates.

2) Carefully plan your career decisions. One common issue with resumes is looking like a “job hopper,” or someone who is unstable and cannot commit to a career. To avoid this, plan out your career carefully. Rather than jumping from job-to-job, choose a career which will be lucrative while still being enjoyable. Rather than seeking employment at a new company, consider trying to get a promotion within your existing employer. This demonstrates that you are progressing upwards in your career (like a top performer!) and that you can hold down a job for a long time (like a stable employee!). Employers like seeing long tenures when reviewing resumes.

3) Document everything. Have you won an award for exemplary performance? Do you remember if you exceeded your quota for the first quarter of 2009? Although this information may seem trivial, recording all of your achievements will add up in your favor. Instead of listing that you are an “excellent sales representative” on your resume and hoping an employer believes you, you can support your claim with awards, achievements, or letters of recommendation IF you document everything when it happens. Do not just assume that you will remember it – you won’t.

Those three tips will be worth their weight in gold the next time you have to prepare your resume. Perform at your maximum level, strategically plan your career, and document your achievements to ensure that your resume is as powerful as it can be. In addition to following these tips, consider hiring a resume writing service to fully maximize your resume’s impact. Remember, a stable, long-term employee with a laundry-list of unique accomplishments is much more desirable than a “job hopper” who can’t remember their own background.

By Drew Roark