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It is common knowledge that you should make your resume stand out, and customize your resume for each job you apply for, but what if you want to post your resume to today’s major online job sites? Most job sites will let you upload multiple resumes, but some sites will only allow you the option to have one resume “visible” to employers at a time. Below are a few tips on how to handle this issue:

Step 1) Determine your employment goals. Before posting your resume online, determine if you want a specific type of job (management, for instance) or if you are willing to settle for any job that will pay the bills. The type of job you want is going to determine the strategy you use when posting your resume on Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and other large job sites.

Step 2) Tailor your resume. Since you are trying to appeal to a wide range of employers simultaneously, figure out what skills and abilities are commonly associated with the job(s) you are seeking.

2a) If you are seeking a specific job, as mentioned in step 1, make sure to highlight skills that are sought after within that job and/or industry. Tailoring your resume to a specific industry will increase your chances of landing a job within that industry, but it will also make you look less marketable to employers outside the industry.

2b) If you are seeking any type of job, highlight general skills that are useful to most jobs, such as management/leadership, customer service, problem solving, etc. This approach allows more flexibility in your job search, but it is not as effective as a tailored resume.

Step 3) Once you’ve determined the type of job you want, and tailored your resume to appeal to your market, post your resume to online job sites. Make sure to allow “visibility” on whichever resume you want displayed, as most job sites only let you choose one for public exposure. If you are determined to list multiple resumes publicly, consider creating an alternate email address to use for registering with online job sites. This will allow you multiple accounts for posting multiple resumes online. If you do this, do not forget to check both email addresses for job offers, and consider forwarding all of your emails to one central inbox.

By Drew Roark