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You prepared your resume, sent it to the employer, and are excited for when they call you for an interview. But what if that day never comes? Unfortunately, this is a reality for nearly every job seeker in today’s job market. There are limited jobs, and too many applicants. There are several reasons why an employer failed to call you for an interview, but luckily there are strategies to overcome these obstacles. Below is a list of issues your resume may encounter during the process of your job search:

1) The employer never actually received your resume. Yes, this happens! When you are reading a job opening online, make sure to look for instructions on how to apply for the job. If you send your resume via the employer’s “Contact Us” form on their website, good luck getting a response. Each job opening typically contains instructions near the bottom, so make sure you follow them exactly. In addition, technology is not perfect, so after sending your resume you may want to follow up with the employer to make sure it was received successfully.

2) The employer received your resume, but their scanning software discarded your resume. Large employers use computerized systems to read your resume and scan for keywords related to their job openings. If your resume does not contain these keywords, your resume will never even been seen by human eyes. Make sure your resume contains all the relevant “buzz” words for your industry to ensure your resume advances to the next level.

3) The employer received your resume, and it made it through their scanning system, but it was unimpressive. This is the culprit for most people. YOU may think your resume is impressive, but that does not mean employers will too. Make your resume concise while ensuring your achievements and relevant skills are highlighted. Remember, your resume should be written to impress employers, and nothing is as impressive as the results you have generated throughout your career.

4) The employer called someone that was more qualified than you. Last but not least, there is a chance that someone out there was more qualified than you for the job. When applying for jobs, make sure that you are being realistic about your abilities and experience. A customer service representative should not apply for a job as the quarterback of a football team! In all serious, however, make sure that you are qualified for the job you are applying for. The lack of calls from employers, in addition to numerous rejection letters, can lower your confidence, so be realistic in your employment goals.

In summary, there is a metaphorical minefield that your resume will have to navigate successfully if you want a chance at a new job. Applying incorrectly with a bland resume for jobs that are “out of your league” will leave you unemployed. If you write an effective resume and apply correctly for a job you are actually qualified for, there is a good chance that an employer will contact you for an interview.

By Drew Roark