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I get asked quite frequently if resumes should be tailored to each job you apply for. In short, yes. Gone are the days of having one resume which was used to apply for several jobs, and if you try that in today’s job market, do not expect to be called by employers any time soon.

Why does your resume need to be tailored? Why can’t you only have one version of your resume? As we all know, times are tough in the job market right now. Employers are spending hours sifting through candidates, which equates to minimal time reviewing each resume, hence the importance of being concise. So, in the 30 seconds or less they spend glancing at your resume (to determine if they want to read it), you need to make sure they only see your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for. If you have been employed previously as a painter and a sales rep, and you are currently applying for a sales position, mention as little as possible about the painting experience. If an employer sees information about paint and primer at first glance, they will throw your resume away and move on to the next candidate before you can even blink. That is how serious the job market is today.

Create a version of your resume that is targeted towards each industry you apply for, or have it expertly prepared by a professional resume writer. If you are seeking a sales, HR, or nursing position you will need three separate resumes, otherwise your resume will end up in the trash with zero chance of you landing an interview (and ultimately a new job).

By Drew Roark