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One of the main topics of discussion when it comes to job searching is whether to hire a resume writing service, or to write your resume on your own. Most people feel that they are capable of writing their own resume, and in some cases this is certainly true. Nobody knows your personality and your career like you do, so how could an outsider possibly help? With prices ranging from $50 to upwards of $500, retaining the services of a professional resume writer can be costly, but their experience is priceless.

Experienced resume writers possess a unique set of skills and in-depth knowledge of the job market that most job seekers simply do not have. Using proper grammar and spelling is only part of what makes your resume effective, so do not assume your resume is good to go just because you ran spell check. Did you know that employers are using sophisticated software systems to scan your resume for industry-specific keywords, and often only spend 10-15 seconds looking at your resume to decide if they want to read it? Professional resume writers know this, and they utilize the necessary strategies to make sure your resume “beats the system” and comes out on top.

In addition to proper grammar, spelling, and the utilization of appropriate keywords, there are several other technical factors that will “make or break” your resume that you may not even know of. Are you using the correct file type so that your resume is compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers? Is your formatting going to scramble the contents of your resume when it is parsed into online job boards? Are your margins correctly-sized so that your resume prints properly? These are just a few of the most overlooked aspects of resume writing.

Spending the money up front for a professional resume writer will not only get you an improved resume, but it will also provide you peace of mind in knowing that your chances of landing a new job are greatly increased. A professional writer will provide you with an error-free document, and most importantly, your resume will be custom-tailored to the job you are pursuing. Remember, a couple hundred dollars for a resume writing service may very well land you a job which will pay for the resume within the first week!

By Drew Roark