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Unfortunately, many people hate their jobs and have “a case of the Mondays” all week long. Some people dislike their jobs, but are paid too well to quit and try something new. Are you one of them? If you live for the weekend, but are miserable Monday through Friday, perhaps you should consider changing your career. Have you ever heard the phrase “if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work” from your colleagues or family? On the surface, making your hobbies into your professional career seems like a great idea, but is it?

Disadvantages: As with any decision, there are potentially negative ramifications. I have known several people that have pursued careers in fields they love, such as a car enthusiast becoming an auto mechanic, and in the end it was a bad decision. Separating your “work life” and “home life” can be very challenging, and when what you do for a living is similar to your personal hobbies, it may be hard to enjoy either. There is a chance that you may no longer enjoy your hobbies, and therefore you no longer enjoy your job. You may feel like you are always “at work” and never have any time to yourself if you combine your employment and your interests.

Advantages: On the other hand, there is a significant chance that if you work within an industry/field that you are genuinely interested in, you will be content with your career. Imagine waking up each morning and driving to work, knowing that you will be paid all day to work on something you are passionate about. In addition, there is a good chance you will already be familiar with many of the companies and product offerings in your field, which may give you a competitive edge over others. When done right, basing your career off of your hobbies and interests can be extremely rewarding.

So what is the moral of the story? Be careful when choosing a career path, and consider the pros and cons of working in an industry that you love. If you are capable of separating your work and home life with ease, you may want to consider turning your hobbies into a career. For instance, if you love football, try to get a job with a local sports team. If you excel in an area unrelated to your hobbies, consider that keeping work and fun separate will help preserve the enjoyment your hobbies bring you.

By Drew Roark