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Have you ever researched how to write a resume, and discovered an article stating that your resume should no longer include an objective statement? In today’s job market, many resume writers and career coaches will advise against using an objective statement, and will instead suggest using a “personal branding” statement. A personal branding statement is supposed to explain “who you are in the workplace” and what your key skills are to employers.

While I agree that objective statements are virtually worthless, at least in their traditional usage, they can still play an important role on your resume. I’ll explain this later, but first here are some examples. Below is an example of a traditional, outdated objective statement:

Seeking a challenging marketing position which will enable me to improve my skills and make a positive contribution to your organization.

The problem with the above statement is that it focuses too much on what YOU want, and too little on your skills. Employers want to know what your areas of expertise are, and that is it! The only benefit of an objective statement by itself is that it informs employers what type of job you are seeking. Below is an example of a personal branding statement:

Innovative marketing strategist with 10 years of experience improving market share and increasing ROI.

Clearly the personal branding statement does a much better job of marketing you to employers, but in my opinion this is only one piece of the puzzle. I propose using a “summary of qualifications” which I define as a combination between a personal branding statement and an objective. See below:

Innovative marketing strategist with 10 years of experience improving market share and increasing ROI. Currently pursuing a Marketing position which will utilize all skills and abilities below:

On your resume, you would follow up the statement I wrote above with a list of achievements, a table of your best skills, your experience, or whatever is most impressive about your background.

A summary of qualifications combines the best attributes of an objective statement (telling employers what job you are seeking) and a personal branding statement (expressing your skills in a concise manner) to create a powerful opening statement. If you are not confident in your ability to develop a powerful, professional opening statement for your resume, consider hiring a resume writing service to handle it for you.

By Drew Roark