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To ensure your resume is effective, follow the three R’s of resume writing: Relevance, Results, and Realism. There are many factors to consider when writing your resume, but these three characteristics are incredibly important and will ultimately affect how well your resume works.

1) Relevance. Perhaps the most important of the three, relevance is essential. Make sure to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, because employers do not have time to read information that does not pertain to the job they are trying to fill. If you were hiring staff for a sales job, would you want to read about someone’s experience as a high school teacher? No.

2) Results. Show employers that you can accomplish any assigned project or task by including proof from your past employment. Mention quantifiable results (numbers/percentages), awards, commendations, or anything else that is unique and demonstrates that you went above-and-beyond expectations. Back up your claims with impressive achievements from your background.

3) Realism. Be realistic in the explanation of your skills. Do not try to over-sell your skills and abilities, because this leads to two problems: 1) employers can tell if you are exaggerating and 2) you may end up getting fired when an employer realizes you are not capable of what your resume said you were capable of. Both situation #1 and #2 leave you jobless, due to never receiving an interview opportunity or getting fired for misrepresenting yourself.

In summary, follow the three R’s and you are well on your way to creating an effective resume. Think like an employer, and highlight what they would want to see. Represent yourself accurately, highlight your relevant information, and showcase your accomplishments to improve your chances of landing an interview and your dream job.

By Drew Roark